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Get expert hardwood flooring and refinishing services

Lay down new hardwood flooring and make your existing floors shine with our expert refinishing teams!

hardwood floors | Rockville, MD | Plaza & Bethesda Chevy Chase Carpet |  301-770-0466

Love the way your hardwood floors look

Enjoy natural and engineered hardwood floors at great prices. Get quality dustless sanding and refinishing on your existing hardwood floors, along with the expedient and experienced service your floors need to bring your house to life.

  • Exotic and domestic hardwood floor sales
  • Laminate and engineered flooring sales
  • Expert flooring installation
  • Dustless floor sanding
  • Hardwood refinishing

$100 OFF your sanding and refinishing projects

Love your hardwood floors even more when you get them at reduced prices! Save $100 on any sanding and refinishing job that has a minimum charge of $600.

Call today to get your FREE hardwood floor estimates!


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